May 17, 2017 Update

The latest news from Paul Bradley in this video update.

Photos included with this update

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Food distribution

Loading fleeing civilians into trucks

Helping the Iraqi army modify a Humvee.

Baby living in a chicken coop

Trying to rehydrate a baby

New wheelchair for a disabled kid.

Treating a woman who picked up a booby-trapped item. She died on the table in front of us despite our best efforts. It was a very hard day.

Treating a woman who picked up a booby-trapped item. She died on the table in front of us despite our best efforts. It was a very hard day.

Celebrating 25 years of marriage.

Husband of the woman who died. Blood on his clothes. After the photo I got down on the ground with him and wept.

January 11, 2017 Update

Hey Sanctuary,

This is really bad. Please read this and pray. We have team members on the ground in Kachin State and more coming. The Burma Army is unchecked in these actions. Many civilians are suffering.

“Intensive fighting between the Myanmar Government Armed Forces (Tatmadaw) and the Kachin Independence Army (KIA) continues in Kachin State. The recent fighting in Laihpawng area has resulted in the relocation of IDPs (Internally Displaced People) from Zai Awng/Mugga Zup camp to Lungbyen area and on the road between Hkau Shau and Mungga Zup.

On 10 January 2017, fierce battles involving air strikes and heavy artillery took place around KIA’s 3rd Battalion position in Nagyang area – close to Zai Awng/Mugga Zup and Hkau Shau camps. This has prompted some 4,000 IDPs and local civilians from the areas, most of whom are women, children and elderly people, to cross the border and flee to China. Due to security concerns, the IDPs started crossing the border around 4 am this morning.

The situation has been extremely chaotic and precarious. The IDPs are deeply shaken by the experience, and having been forced to relocate several times, they are completely weary. Some elderly IDPs with health problems, such as high blood pressure, are particularly bearing the brunt of the hardship. As they had to flee in urgency, they were not able to bring much with them, including medicines and food. As of the release time of this statement, the IDPs have not been able to eat.

The security of IDPs in Magayang camp has also been compromised, and hence, they are preparing to flee elsewhere.

The Chinese security forces were checking/processing the IDPs who crossed into China. It has been reported that they have pushed the IDPs back into Myanmar. The primary and urgent concerns at the moment are of safety and security of the IDPs.”

For an even more thorough update, please go to: Northern Burma Update. Burma Army Divides Kachin

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